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What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a method of storytelling and wondering that enables children and adults to find and hear God’s voice.

A Godly Play session includes time to:-

  • tell a story using objects and artefacts
  • explore the story more with open questions and discussion
  • respond using a variety of materials – art, writing, or quiet time
  • enjoy a simple feast (biscuit and squash) and sharing

Godly Play Club runs weekly on Mondays at 3.45pm during the school term. It is free to attend and is a year long curriculm. There will be a new intake in September 2020.

As we are unable to meet due to the current coronavirus crisis, we will posting videos of the stories, along with the wondering questions for all ages to enjoy!


The Good Shepherd

I wonder…

if any of those sheep have a name?
if the good shepherd has a name?
who the good shepherd might be?
if you’ve ever been to the green pastures?
if you’ve ever been to the cool, clean waters?
if you’ve ever been in the dark and dangerous places?
if you’ve ever been lost?
if you’ve ever been found?

Free resources

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