Our mission: to be an inclusive church, lifting high the name of Jesus, at the heart of the community.


We are enormously grateful to everyone who gives their time, talents and money to the ministry of St David’s. This is a church where Christian faith is alive and well – and we can see the impact we are having on the wider community. If you’ve read this far, it’s probably true that St David’s holds a special place in your life. We want our legacy to be a lively, sustainable church not only for us but for the next generation too. How could you play a part in this?

Our prayer

One of the most important things about the Christian life is our reliance upon God in prayer.

So please join us in praying for:

* a growing awareness of God’s work in and through us

* effective communication of our needs and our vision

* a generous response to our appeal for gifts

* more signs of God’s Kingdom in Shenley Green

Our challenge: to become the sustainable, accessible church this community needs.

Raising funds to sustain the ministry of St David’s is a constant effort. Now more than ever we face real challenges.

The COVID-19 crisis will have a financial impact on so many in the coming months and beyond, including St David’s. We will have substantially less income for our hall users and church services, but we still have to meet our monthly expenses. Some of these expenses such as electricity and gas should be significantly lower, but we have many fixed costs which still have to be accounted for. 

Last year, our monthly income covered our monthly expenses. as we enter this period of self isolation, our income may fall by up to £2000 per month, but our expenses may fall by much less than this and i expect that our bank balance will reduce by at least £1500 each month. We have sufficient funds in our bank account to cover this short fall for up to six months. 

We thank everyone who donates through weekly and monthly standing orders and hope that you may be able to continue your financial support in this way. If you would like to donate and don’t yet do so, then you can now donate online here. To those who currently give through the envelope scheme, we would be grateful if you could continue to use your envelopes, and keep them safe until we are able to meet for services at St David’s once again. You may wish to consider making your weekly gifts directly to St David’s or online through our donation page, if you or a family member are able to do so.

For more information please email